Your Ideal Fingerstyle Guitar Tab Service


TAB Transcription

A guitar arrangement or composition of your choice will be transcribed to a TAB!

File conversion

We’ll rewrite your tab material to GP, GPX, GP5, TXT, PDF and XML. We can also do MuseScore.

Get a quote

We’ll give you a price quote for the selected service, and payment link.


To “transcribe” is to turn an existing performance of a piece into sheet music. To “arrange” is to take a piece and interpret it in one’s own way with their choice of instrument(s). To “compose” is to create a new original piece of music. Here at Fingerstyle Transcriptions, we only transcribe.

We’ll send you the finished transcriptions in the format of PDF, TXT, GP, GPX, GP5 and XML. You can print out the PDF from your computer, personalize the GP files in your tablature program or import XML into a different notation software. TXT files can be opened by notepad or other text processors (this is the format you see on Ultimate Guitar and other online tab sites). We also provide the option of having your piece written as an MSCX if you prefer to use MuseScore.

We’ll send you an invoice with the payment due along with the price quote. This invoice expires in 30 days. The transcription process begins once we receive your payment. If you choose not to proceed, the invoice will automatically cancel itself for you on it’s expiry date. Please note if you pay your invoice after a specified deadline, please allow up to a week for your transcription to be finished.

Every job will be different, as every musical performance is different. We cannot give an accurate cost until you provide us the performance you want us to transcribe from. You can do so by filling out our “Get a Quote” form on the “Contact Us” page.

The process is as follows:

1) You send us the necessary information by filling out the “Get a Quote” form.

2) We’ll email you the price quote and method of payment.

3) Upon paying, we’ll send the information to the transcriber best suited for the piece.

4) We’ll email you the file before 11:59pm PST of the date of your deadline.

Yes! Also, our services are not limited to fingerstyle. We can also transcribe other playing styles such as flat and hybrid picking!

We do not hold rights to the transcriptions. You will have all the rights on the sheet music.

Due to the nature of guitar, with each note having up to 6 possibilities of note placement (ie E5 can be played on multiple strings), transcription software is extremely inaccurate. We transcribe by ear and eye and manually input every note you will see on the transcription.

We can transcribe audio-only, but we require the tuning and capo position of the piece. The hand positioning may not be 100% the same as the original since the same note can be played in multiple locations on the guitar. The transcription and your playing of it will still sound the same.

Yes! You can find samples of our previous transcriptions here