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Through this service, we will manually transcribe a video recording of a guitar performance into an easily readable guitar tab for you. For the sake of accuracy, all transcriptions are done manually in Guitar Pro 7, without the use of automatic music transcription software. 

Tab transcription

How much it costs

$10 to $30+ USD per minute of music (depends on complexity), $20 minimum fee.

How it works

1. Fill out the free quote form at “Get a quote”.

2. You’ll receive an email with a price quote and invoice.

3. After payment, the transcription will begin.

4. The files will be emailed to you within 7 days or before your deadline.

What files you will receive

You will receive PDF, GP and GPX files of the tab.

1 voicing vs 2 voicings

Multiple voicings gives you a clearer indication of note length in the standard notation. It does not change how the tab portion of the sheet music is written. Here’s a comparison between 1 voicing (left) and 2 voicings (right) of the same piece.

Multiple voicings gives you a clearer indication of note length in the standard notation. It does not change how the tab portion of the sheet music is written. Here’s a comparison between 1 voicing and 2 voicings of the same piece.

Multiple voicings gives you a clearer indication of note length in the standard notation. It does not change how the tab portion of the sheet music is written. Here’s a comparison between 1 voicing (top) and 2 voicings (bottom) of the same piece.


“Transcription” vs “arrangement”

A “transcription” in music refers to written sheet music created based on a pre-existing music performance (eg. someone playing a guitar) while “arrangement” refers to a reconceptualization of a music piece (eg. a song you hear on the radio).

Rights to the sheet music

Fingerstyle Transcriptions does not claim any rights on the transcriptions made. If the transcription is for a piece you composed, the rights belong to you. If the transcription is for your arrangement of someone else’s song, ensure it is licensed and has the original artist’s permission before distributing it. We will also send the transcription to the arranger if this is the case. If the transcription is for someone else’s arrangement or composition, only use it for your personal use unless you have the arranger or composer’s permission to distribute it.

Get a quote

Through email, you will receive a price quote for the transcription, and payment link. Once the payment is received, we will begin your transcription.

Sorry, right now we are currently not taking any transcriptions. We will resume operation soon, thank you for your patience.

Credited work

Transcriptions made for clients are only credited here only if the client gave permission.

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After SchoolJosephine
Love StoryJosephine
To The BoneJosephine
Brown MundeJosephine
Heartbreak AnniversaryJosephine
What I've DoneJosephine
driver's licenseJosephine
Another One Bites the DustJosephine
Agatha All AlongJosephine
I Want To Hold Your HandJosephine
The Way You Look TonightJosephine
(Do You Want It) To Be MeJoe
Squid Game MedleyEddie van der
2015 MedleyEddie van der
A Tender FeelingEddie van der
Assassin's Creed III Main ThemeEddie van der
Here With YouEddie van der
2016 MedleyEddie van der
2017 MedleyEddie van der
RedoEddie van der
The Rains of CastamereEddie van der
In The Name of LoveEddie van der
Jiyuu no TsubasaEddie van der
For the Damaged CodaEddie van der
ClocksEddie van der
Guren no YumiyaEddie van der
WarriorsEddie van der
Creepin'Eddie van der
Helpless (Acoustic)Eddie van der
HelplessEddie van der
All I Wanted (Acoustic)Eddie van der
All I WantedEddie van der
Go Fast (Acoustic)Eddie van der
ParalyzedEddie van der
Path to the UnknownEddie van der
No Way BackEddie van der
The UndertakingEddie van der
Next to YouEddie van der
Last Man StandingEddie van der
The Motion BelowEddie van der
Road to Success [Duet]Eddie van der
The KnownEddie van der
Blood CirculatorEddie van der
YoungEddie van der
History MakerEddie van der
OthersideEddie van der
ShiruishiEddie van der
I Don't Wanna Live ForeverEddie van der
Westworld Main ThemeEddie van der
Harry Potter Main ThemeEddie van der
FlashlightEddie van der
Scared to be LonelyEddie van der
Fix YouEddie van der
Euterpe (Inori's Song)Eddie van der
Isabella's LullabyEddie van der
Fly Me To The MoonEddie van der
Bravely YouEddie van der
Hymn for the WeekendEddie van der
I Say Yes (Wedding Version)Eddie van der
Deal with the DevilEddie van der
SenbonzakuraEddie van der
RealizeEddie van der
Baka MitaiEddie van der
Red SwanEddie van der
Deja VuEddie van der
Astronomia (Coffin Dance)Eddie van der
Snow (Hey Oh)Eddie van der
HeikosenEddie van der
Love YourselfEddie van der
KroneEddie van der
Interstellar Main ThemeEddie van der
Gotta Catch 'Em All!Eddie van der
We Are Number OneEddie van der
SadnessEddie van der
StarboyEddie van der
THE DAYEddie van der
Davy JonesEddie van der
RunEddie van der
Closed on SundayEddie van der
GurengeEddie van der
InternetEddie van der
InfernoEddie van der
bury a friendEddie van der
TorchesEddie van der
Minecraft MedleyEddie van der
Call of SilenceEddie van der
SanctuaryEddie van der
Kawaki wo AmekuEddie van der
Umi no YuureiEddie van der
EARFQUAKEEddie van der
Renai CirculationEddie van der
KAENEddie van der
bad guyEddie van der
I Don't CareEddie van der
Old Town RoadEddie van der
The Hero!!Eddie van der
Light of the SevenEddie van der
Game of Thrones Main ThemeEddie van der
DespairEddie van der
Castle on the HillEddie van der
Deep in AbyssEddie van der
The Dragonborn ComesEddie van der
It's My LifeEddie van der
Swan SongEddie van der
Crab RaveEddie van der
idontwannabeyouanymoreEddie van der
LITEddie van der
shadowgraphEddie van der
Secret BaseEddie van der
CrybabyEddie van der
AzaleaEddie van der
Wet HandsEddie van der
Supermarket FlowersEddie van der
ApologizeEddie van der
Ref:rainEddie van der
New RulesEddie van der
Kyouran Hey Kids!!Eddie van der
30 Minutes ChallengeEddie van der
Ichiban no TakaramonoEddie van der
InnocenceEddie van der
See You AgainEddie van der
My HeroEddie van der
2018 MedleyEddie van der
My Soul, Your Beats!Eddie van der
MemoriaEddie van der
BrothersEddie van der
Let Me HearEddie van der
PhotographEddie van der
The ScientistEddie van der
Snow FairyEddie van der
WarriorsEddie van der
All of MeEddie van der
Crossing FieldEddie van der
A Cruel Angel's ThesisEddie van der
Fairy Tail Main ThemeEddie van der
Hey BrotherEddie van der
CourageEddie van der
IgniteEddie van der
RadioactiveEddie van der
DemonsEddie van der
FlamingoEddie van der
BAD!Eddie van der
The Place Where
Wishes Come True
Eddie van der
Shining in the SkyEddie van der
Spring WindEddie van der
Roaring TidesEddie van der
Toki Wo Kizamu UtaEddie van der
Dango DaikazokuEddie van der
This GameEddie van der
crushcrushcrushEddie van der
katharsisEddie van der
aLIEzEddie van der
Falling DownEddie van der
WolvesEddie van der
breathinEddie van der
LovelyEddie van der
VoracityEddie van der
In My FeelingsEddie van der
White AlbumEddie van der
Sadness and SorrowEddie van der
Grief and SorrowEddie van der
LonelinessEddie van der
The Raising Fighting SpiritEddie van der
Guren ThemeEddie van der
Experienced Many BattlesEddie van der
Sasuke's Ninja WayEddie van der
HopeEddie van der
no tears left to cryEddie van der
OthersideEddie van der
LemonEddie van der
Jocelyn FloresEddie van der
NevermindEddie van der
Blue BirdEddie van der
RyuseiEddie van der
SymphonyEddie van der
FatimaEddie van der
HereEddie van der
God KnowsEddie van der
Ciao AdiosEddie van der
asphyxiaEddie van der
Far Cry 5 MedleyEddie van der
PassionfruitEddie van der
changesEddie van der
SAD!Eddie van der
Rick and Morty Theme SongEddie van der
My DearestEddie van der
CongratulationsEddie van der
FRIENDSEddie van der
Too Good At GoodbyesEddie van der
Dusk Till DawnEddie van der
New DivideEddie van der
Gucci GangEddie van der
Uchiage HanabiEddie van der
The Last of Us Main ThemeEddie van der
Stranger Things Main ThemeEddie van der
Shinzou wo Sasageyo!Eddie van der
Something Just Like ThisEddie van der
PsychoEddie van der
PerfectEddie van der
God's PlanEddie van der
You Can Become A Hero!Eddie van der
Sora ni UtaebaEddie van der
Peace SignEddie van der
Styx HelixEddie van der
Your RealityEddie van der
SincerelyEddie van der
Omake PfadlibRobert
Mezame no UtaRobert
One Last KissRobert
Iro KousuiRobert
Tabibito no UtaRobert
The Reluctant HeroesRobert
My WarRobert
So ist es immerRobert
il vento d'oroRobert
Silent SolitudeRobert
Red SwanRobert
From Here to EternityRobert
Deep in AbyssRobert
Bouya no Yume yoRobert
Sore wa Chiisana Hikari no YounaRobert
So Many Years Have PassedRobert
Is There Still Anything
That Love Can Do?
We'll Be AlrightLeon
Grand EscapeLeon
Kaikai KitanLeon
Lost In The WoodsLeon
Some Things Never ChangeLeon
Test DriveLeon

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